Fall Layers

Now that the fall chill is in the air permanently, this is the perfect time to get creative and experiment with fashion.  You need the perfect ensemble to get you through these days where temperature is cold, then warm, then cold again.  You need layers that you can remove as the day slightly warms up without compromising your look.  This is where your layering skills kick in.  Sure, you can throw on you average cardigan or blazer to achieve a look. But we think you can play more with the clothes you have in your closet to elevate your look. 
Start with a strong base layer.  Something that on its own is basic but will keep you warm and great for layering. Think turtlenecks or simple button down shirts.  Then add a statement accessories such as a cute hat or scarf.  These serve as an accessory and add a layer of warmth. Now add a fun covering such as a wooly sweater or a furry jacket to your outfit.  This is your chance to play with different textured fabrics, brighter colors and bolder patterns.  If your base layer is bold or bright, keep the outer layer more simple.  Just like with all fashion, it’s a balance. Remember, it’s about practicality and fun.
We’re in the peak season for layering.  Use this opportunity to play and experiment with your clothes. Soon enough, it will be too cold to show it off.


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