This is the first weekend in a while for us that hasn’t been swamped with work activities, social events or friend commitments.  We love going to all those things, but sometimes we just want the weekend to be less planned and more spontaneous… to do things or not do things, to catch up on to-do lists, or to retreat to the couch with a remote or a book.  We want to decide what happens and not have it planned out for us.
When you wake up Saturday morning, don’t think of things you should be doing, think of what you want to be doing.  Fall brings so many leisure activities to partake in.  All of which are fun, and none of which should seem like a task.  Attend a fall festival, pick apples at your local orchard, try the new menu at your favorite restaurant, and obviously, go fall shopping.  Do the things you’ve been wanting to do and go to the places you’ve been meaning to go but haven’t yet had the time for.  Take it easy and take it in.  Let this weekend be about you!  


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