Do you have a fashion uniform?  An outfit that you find yourself wearing more than once or twice a week?  Usually because you already know it looks good, and works for where you might need to go or what you need to get done.  Most of us have one!  A tall-tell sign is when you look in your closet and have many similar items in either style or shades. 
    What does that mean about our style?  That we’re boring?  Too busy?  Or minimalists?  For some of us, fashion is important.  It can be an expression of how we feel, give insight into our personality, or just reflect our mood for that particular day.  Yet, fashion should be fun!  Some days we have the time to get creative with our clothes.  We might choose brighter colors, add calculated layers, or coordinate our accessories.  Other days we just need to get things done.  It is not that we do not want to be fashionable - sometimes, practicality may take priority for the day.  Those are the days that we rely on those go-to pieces that just fit it with our lives perfectly without having to give much thought or effort.  
Fashion Uniform
  Everyone should have a wardrobe that meets both needs.  You should have fun clothes for when you feel inspired or playful, and other garments that are more functional and versatile.  There are definitely some staples like a great pair of jeans, a white buttoned shirt, a soft white T, a black blazer or a LBD that everyone should own, because they transition easily to meet all of your wardrobe needs.  
    The great thing about fashion is that it allows us the freedom to be creative.  It can even dictate how we want our day to go.  How many of us dress up a little more on a Friday because we’re excited about the evening and weekend ahead?  Or, how many of us look forward to throwing on our jeans, a t-shirt and Chucks to relax and enjoy our Sunday Fundays?  Whether you're a fashion uniform type of dresser or prefer a more eclectic wardrobe, embrace and celebrate your individuality!

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