Classic Blue

Every year around this time, Pantone announces a color they believe reflects or should reflect the current mood or climate of our culture.  This year, they believe we are in uncertain times and are looking for more consistency and reliability in the world.  So they chose Classic Blue as the color for the 2020 year.   

Classic Blue is meant to represent the vast, “sky at dusk” and evoke the idea of something familiar, dependable and timeless.  Pantone doesn’t want Classic Blue to feel like a hue that’s basic or mundane.  In fact, the essence of this color is meant for you to think more broadly and see beyond the landscape.

It’s a color that connects us because it is well-liked by many.  You’ll find many ways to incorporate Classic Blue into your lives including through fashion, home goods or beauty products.  Classic Blue is a color we can get behind.  It is timeless and boundless.


  • xLcpqvHgi

  • bnueFQgKi

  • bhSPlgEnHGpr

  • awZUDWXt

  • OGDQoRqwKa


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