Casual Wear: Women

TGIF!  If you are like most people, this phrase is music to your ears.  The calm and relief you feel when you get to Fridays is what you’ve been looking forward to all week.  What is the first thing you will throw on when you get home?  Several years ago, I could have predicted what you would say.  There was a point in fashion where the concept of casual wear fashion was all alike.  Nowadays, this answer can be different for everyone. 
Which brings us to our question, what is your go-to weekend outfit?   
There was a time when jeans were the ultimate casual clothing option.  After a work week of wearing suits, slacks, skirts or dresses, you couldn’t wait for the weekend to come so you could throw on and lounge around in your jeans.  They were comfortable and practical.  Then, casual Fridays came along.  No longer was denim relegated to weekends only.  Businesses were allowing employees to wear denim on Fridays.  Eventually, it led to a more “work” casual approach with office attire.  In fact, a good number of companies, today, allow denim to be worn everyday with the expectation that you are not meeting with clients and that the denim jeans look appropriate, meaning not sloppy, not distressed, and darker in color.  That spawned a new normal for weekend wear…athleisure wear.  Work-out clothes such as leggings, yoga pants and the like, became the new comfy, casual weekend outfit.  This trend is still prominent.  
However, we have been noticing its popularity shift slightly.  People are looking to elevate their weekend clothing game.  We are seeing less athleisure wear worn as an actual outfit of the day.  Instead, there’s been an increase in demand for more jeans again.  Don’t get us wrong, athleisure isn’t going anywhere.  It is here to stay.  However, we are seeing people wanting to get back more into the denim game.  People are wanting to diversify their looks - something that denim jeans allow because of their versatility.  And the options are vast.  Trends in denim that used to come and go are now staples in wardrobes.  The high-rise fad in jeans that everyone thought would surely not take off and fall flat on it’s face is actually still going strong and there are no signs of it going anywhere.  Much like the skinny jean, it likely will become a staple and part of the collection of jeans everyone should own.  
For us, denim is everything.  It feels good and it looks good!  Sure, we have our athleisure apparel and dresses and pants and skirts and more.  But nothing compares to wearing a great pair of jeans!  It’s our go-to!  Make it yours, too!

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