A man’s fall wardrobe is much simpler than a woman’s.  It’s not to say it’s boring or lacking, it’s just less complicated.  Men tend to focus on the essentials.  They look for warm, yet practical, fall pieces that can be interchanged and layered to complete their wardrobes.  Aside from jackets and shoes, here are some key fall casual items that every man should have to get through the fall.

Dark Denim Jeans

This is a must have!  Even all year long.  Darker jeans will work for the day and night, can be dressed up or down, and worn with shoes or sneakers.  It’s the closest way to feel comfortable, yet still look well-kept.  

Casual T-Shirt

While graphic t-shirts are fun, having a simple, two-toned raglan t-shirt or a simple, solid t-shirt with a couple of buttons will still give you a casual yet different look.  This will come in handy during those weekends where you aren’t sure where the day will take you but you want to be prepared but feel comfortable.  



Dress Shirt

Not your suit dress shirt.  A casual dress shirt that is often square at the bottom so it can be worn untucked.  Whether print or solid, a nice dress shirt will give an outfit a clean look. 

Knit Sweater

Whether it’s v-neck, crew neck or a shawl collar, a sweater can almost act as an accessory to any outfit.  Especially, when worn over a collared shirt or under a wool blazer.



Every one of the above items come in various colors and fabrics and can be interchanged with each other. Building a collection of these items in enough variety, much like you would for a capsule wardrobe, will complete the perfect, man's casual fall wardrobe!

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