We recently read a meme that said August is the Sunday of summer.  To think that there’s only one month left of summer is… well… let’s just not think of it that way.  Let’s look at it as a full month ahead of us to enjoy all the pleasures of summer!  

Nobody needs to be reminded of what’s to come.  We all know.  We don’t need stores to try and sell us school and winter stuff.  Even if we must dabble into fall preparations, let’s not stay there too long.  Let us still enjoy buying summer dresses, white jeans, suntan lotions and funnel cake.  There is still plenty of time to hit the beach for a weekend getaway or a weekday “sick” day from work.  We still want to enjoy outdoor movies and pool parties.  We want to take warm, night-time summer strolls and eat brunch on outdoor patios.  And we don’t want to feel rushed or have anxiety trying to fit it all in. 
Let’s look at August as a month with plenty of carefree summer days.  It’s a reminder month to get out, soak in some rays, feel the warmth, enjoy the leisure, and absorb the fun times with your family and friends!  
Happy Summer!  

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