If you haven’t heard this term before, the concept may still sound familiar to you.  It’s the idea that you buy several (15-20) varied items of clothing for a season at a time that all work well together, where you can interchange all of the various pieces to ultimately create many different outfits.  Most of us shop for two to three pieces of clothing at a time, and we figure in our heads that we have something in our current wardrobe to pair with those new items.  We do this several times a season and that’s how we build our closets.  With capsule wardrobes, you buy most items at one time and pretty much build your outfits for the entire season from those items.  It takes a little creativity, planning, and budgeting upfront.  But the payoff is less time shopping throughout the season building your wardrobe, less headaches wondering what to wear and how to wear it, and maximizing the wear of each item in your capsule wardrobe.  
How do you get started?  There are some things you need to do before you go out and a buy a capsule wardrobe.  The first step is to take inventory of what you currently have.  Decide on which pieces you want to incorporate in the fall styles you want to achieve.  From there, you can make of list of what you need to add, always keeping in mind how each of those pieces can be used interchangeably.  To help with wardrobe styling, you can pin your favorite outfit ideas or clip images from magazines.  Next, start shopping!  As you shop, remember to stick with color schemes that work well with as many items as possible in the capsule wardrobe you're building.  That doesn't mean shop for neutral colors only - just make sure you can pair that pop of color with multiple pieces from your wardrobe.  The quality of the clothes you purchase will make a big difference as well.  Invest in quality pieces that can withstand a lot of wash and wear.  Finally, once you’ve collected all of the items for your capsule wardrobe, lay them out into different outfits and take pictures.  Include accessories and shoes.  These photos can be your reference throughout the season on what to wear or how to pair the pieces together.
You can build capsule wardrobes for work or play.  It’s an easy way to get out of style ruts and become more creative with your outfits!  You can get started today with your denim jean staples at Sebastian McCall Jeans!



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