Camo Chic

Camouflage has been around a long time. It was a print that was considered and looked very masculine.  You mostly found camo on very structured and masculine styles of clothing.  Over time, it evolved into more of a fashionable trend or statement and expanded into various apparel types like leggings, skirts or t-shirts. Today, you can find camouflage clothing nearly everywhere and in every form. While the print still has a rugged and tough vibe, there are ways to style it so that it looks fresh and fashionable.

Within the camo print family, there are many ranges in colors, hues and fabrics.  They key to pulling off any camouflage look is balance.  Since camo is already a eye catching print, it’s best paired with solid colors. That doesn’t mean the colors have to be neutral.  They can be bold or rich like orange or simple like white and black.  Even textured fabrics will work. The idea is to let the camouflage piece be the focal point of your look.


  • 12-01-22
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  • 11/21/22

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