Bring to Light

Dark jeans are like a comfy sweater.  We know exactly how we will feel when we wear them, they are our go to when we can’t decide on anything else, and they never let us down!  Light jeans are more like that one shirt you don’t want to get rid of because it’s super cute, you will wear it again, one day, but you just know it requires just a bit more thought.  
It’s true.  Dark jeans pretty much go with anything.  You can dress them up or down, and the darker color does a great job at blurring things out that we want blurred.  At least in our own eyes.  That doesn’t mean we should give up on lighter jeans! In fact, just the opposite!  Light jeans are very flattering.  They give your look a soft and feminine feel.  And they pair easily with just as many colors - it will just depend on the look you are trying to achieve.  
Light wash jeans tend to be a bit more casual.  They don’t work quite as well for a more formal event, however, you can get them dressy enough to wear to a nice dinner or night out in the town with friends.  Light wash jeans, similar to white jeans, can show everything.  So, fit and wash will make all the difference on how you will look and feel in the jeans. 

Lighter colored jeans pair better with the extreme shades of the color spectrums -  either light colored tops or very dark tops.  Wearing a light colored shirt with light jeans will bring out the whiteness in the jean.  Pastel colors work great with light jeans.  The whole look is soft and feminine.  Medium colored tops do work, but we find they tend to simplify the look with neither piece standing out.  If you want more contrast, pair the light wash jeans with a bolder, darker color.  It lets each piece stand out on its own. 
There are enough light shade ranges in denim that finding the lightest hue you are most comfortable wearing isn’t hard.  Finding the perfect fit is a non-negotiable!  You can bring new life to your wardrobe by expanding your denim color collection with just a simple shade change.  Let us help you find that perfect pair!

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