Bright Horizon

        If you are in the northeastern states in the US, you are most likely looking out your window with a huff.  Most of us in this area are in snow… and not just a little of it.  It’s very common for it to snow in March.  In fact, some of our biggest snow storms have occurred this month.  Yet still, we get a little shocked and whiny when we do get it.  You see, March is the month when the sun starts to stay out a little later - meaning when you walk out of your office building, there is daylight that you haven’t seen since the fall.  Daylight Savings Time is also this month and spring is that much closer to us.  However, you wouldn’t believe it looking out of our windows right now!  
          Don’t let this winter weather snap perturb your mood!  Do things that remind of you of warmer weather and brighter days.  Help brighten your mood by wearing a vibrant color or floral top or accessory.  Don’t indulge in typical winter comfort food - instead, fill your lunch plate with colorful, nutritious fruits and vegetables that you would normally have on a warmer, spring day.  And even though it’s a bit nippy out, bundle up and take a walk outside for some fresh air.  The good news is that we will see less and less of this colder weather and more and more of warmth and sunshine.  Get ready to brush the dust off of your trunk of spring clothes and accessories, because the horizon looks pleasant and bright!

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