Best Dressed

    Remember those days back when you went Easter shopping with your mom, and picked out a pastel colored dress with a matching bonnet and even matching socks?  You were so excited to get all dressed up and show off your new outfit!  I’m sure when we look back at those photos we laugh, yet cherish those memories.  Easter fashion has come a long way since then.  We still look forward to wearing something new and “springy” but we are far from wearing, or forcing our kids to wear, the ensembles that were so crisp and impeccable from then.  Do we miss these times?
Well, we guess that’s a matter of a opinion.  Many of us here at Sebastian McCall still enjoy looking our best for special occasions.  Sometimes that best may include wearing jeans.  It can be done in ways that look more formal and polished, while still feeling comfortable and easy.  The point is to look your best and feel confident - whatever form that is.  For some of us, it’s a pretty dress and shoes, and for others, it may be pants or jeans and a nice blouse.  The good news is that fashion has evolved to be more inclusive of different styles for all celebrations.  There isn’t a uniform or getup that we are expected to adhere to anymore.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t dressed appropriately for the occasion.  It’s just means we’ve reinterpreted and modernized our approaches to fashion.  Remember, however you decide to dress, make it the best version of you! 

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