Basic Needs

It seems April showers have moved into May.  The weather outlook is a little dreary, although we are thankful that the temperature is remaining moderately warm.  This is definitely t-shirt and jeans type of weather.  Or what about tank top and jeans weather?  
Tank tops are usually an afterthought when it comes to shopping for clothes.  We have them, use them, and need them, but we don’t actively and as excitedly run out and go tank top shopping.  It’s the item you often add to your cart right before you check out.  Yet, if you can’t find one when you need one, it the biggest pain!  
Why?  As simple as a tank is, it is super versatile.  If we really thought about how much we use tanks tops, we might think differently of its stature in our wardrobes.  A simple tank top works pretty much perfectly under just about anything…a collared shirt, overalls, jean jacket, etc.  And of course, during really hot days, it’s one of our go to summer tops.  Sure, there are ones with prints, ones made out of  fancy fabrics, and others with embellishments.  However, our favorite one is the simple white tank.  One of our favorite looks is a white tank, black blazer and jeans.  You can rock this look with just about any shoe for any event.  It always looks stylish, classic, and suitable.  Tanks tops are a no brainer to stylize and can save you in a pinch.  
So don’t wait until the heat of the summer to start wearing your tank tops!  You can get a lot of use out of them now.  You can wear them as a layering option during the spring weather, and they are perfect for the day and night.  While it’s a basic item, it’s also a must have.  So, next time you’re in the check out aisle, don’t hesitate on that tank top purchase! 

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