2018 has started out cold.... No, frigid!  Looking cute when it’s freezing out is not easy. The only fashionable items we’ve been showing off recently have been our heavy winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves.  And if you’re like most of us, when it is that cold out, you do not care what you wear or what you look like as long as it is warm.  You may even be hibernating in your home until warmer weather comes. 
We hope you won’t stay in too much longer because there are so many exciting, new things in fashion to come.  Where 2017 was the year of reflection and neutrals and softness, 2018 is going to make you feel brighter and bolder. The prints and colors and patterns will speak louder and the fashion statements you will make will stand out. Just think of the Pantone 2018 color - Ultra Violet.  2018 is about being audacious and brave.  Stay tuned for what’s new.  If you can’t wait, visit our website or stop in our partner retail location, Charlie’s Jeans!!

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