The quest for the perfect fitting jean can seem daunting for many.  The thought of trying on and taking off several pairs of jeans at any given time is exhausting just thinking about it!  There are so many different styles and fits to try, and that doesn’t even include the various colors, fades, washes, or even fabrics that jeans can come in.  
So, why bother?  Well, because you’re going to need them and use them.  Probably more so than any other item in your wardrobe.  They are the most versatile items in your closet that don’t require much special care or attention.  Do you need more than one pair?  Of course!  The are so many variations of jeans - it's actually fun to have options to choose from!  And let’s face it, even if our jeans look similar in either color or style, it’s no different than having more than one black pant or more than one pair of black shoes.  There’s a difference in them all, and we can see it if most can’t.  So, how do we approach the process?  With an open mind!  Don't get hung up on a size, or what you’ve heard should fit you well.  At Sebastian McCall Jeans, we believe a perfect fitting jean should have three major components:
Perfect Fit
Your jean should close in at your waist. No gapping allowed! And don't think anything is wrong with your figure if you see a gap. If a jean fits your legs but gaps in the waist, it’s an issue with the jean, not you!  With Sebastian McCall Jeans, you'll never have that problem, because they all close in perfectly at the waist!
Perfect Fit 2
Pocket placement is everything.  Sebastian McCall Jean pockets always perfectly fall right in the center of your seat.  Your pockets should be close to your leg but not down on your thigh.  Too high or low of a pocket can change to the look of your derriere, many times unfavorably.  So, make sure they fall exactly where they should.  
Perfect Fit 3
Your jeans should feel comfortable.  Even skinny or fitted jeans.  Fitted jeans shouldn't pinch or constrict.  Sebastian McCall Jeans fit close to the body and stay that way all day.  They don’t sag or bag out.  You don’t want a jean that looks one way in the morning and morphs into something different by day's end.  Sebastian McCall Jeans will fit perfectly all day, every day!
Why bother looking when the perfect fitting jeans are right here!  Grab a pair of Sebastian McCall Jeans - they are always a perfect fit from the first pair on!  Visit our website or come try us at our partnering retail location, Charlie’s Jeans.

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